Sunday, July 31, 2016

Guess who's back? Back again!

I just thought I would shoot the world a little update on my life!

I am working full time again, which is nice. The job search was getting a bit crazy because my lay off came at a time when there was an economic downturn in my province. But I'm back to work at last. It's back in retail which isn't exactly what I was shooting for, but hey. It beats the unemployment line.

My anxiety has been steady lately. Not any better, but also not worse. I've been focusing on worrying about the things that I can change and have some control over as opposed to the things that I don't. That is proving to be something of a challenge, as anyone with anxiety will tell you. You usually become your own worst enemy. But I'm looking forward and as long as I head that direction, it's all good. I celebrate the small victories!!

I'm also focusing on the amazing things that are coming up! My mom and I are planning another trip to the UK either in summer or fall of 2017. I can't wait to be there again. It's so amazing and I feel so at home in the UK. Maybe this trip, I'll work toward getting my dual citizenship set up and begin seriously thinking about moving there.

But I'm off to bed for now! Night

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Return the Love Letter

So I've decided to bust back onto the dating scene. Apparently being 31 and "still single" is a crime and I would say that, yes, my life is a bit boring as of late and it would be nice to get out and meet people.

So I was on OkCupid and without much success… So a friend told me to join Tinder. Now, what I had heard about Tinder in the past did make it seem like this was a site I really wanted to be on, however, after it was explained to me, it didn't seem have bad. So I joined. I have to say, it's been pretty fun. And I've met some great guys!

But this is what bothers me about dating in "this day and age"… You don't really date. You hang out, go for coffee, hook up, get together, but you don't really "date". It sucks!! I can't stand that sort of ambiguity right off the bat. Whenever I guy does use the word DATE, I automatically say yes. I think that is so awesome.

And I miss dating rituals as well. As much as the idea of "courtship" makes me cringe, it is sort of nice to think that a guy is making an effort and wooing you a little bit. I love getting cute little text messages and emails everyone once and awhile. But what I really wish would return is the love letter. There is something about having something in there writing, that is completely amazing to me. Plus, I just love getting letters, having them arrive in the mail with a stamp and a post mark. I don't know… There is just something romantic about letter writing in general that appeals to me.

So let us bring back the lost art of the love letter!!